Balkan Roads

– adventure, culture, fun

A circular road trip through the well – known and more importantly unknown hidden gems of the Balkan peninsula with more than 100 authentic adventurous or cultural – traditional experiences to choose from on the way.


– 6000 km on old scenic roads of the Balkan peninsula

– Drive through 13 countries in an old Yugo car from Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Odessa in Ukraine)

– 100 most versatile checkpoints to choose from hard adrenaline: giant swing in the pitch-dark cave, paragliding, rock climbing etc. to cultural traditional ones: become a shepherd over a night, learn how to knit, sing and dance traditional songs and dances, cook traditional food etc.

– Collect points with every passed checkpoint and win an award – gamification

– Learn bunch of stuff while driving thanks to our Balkan Roads app and our local guide
whisperers who see where you are in a real time and send you some interesting facts about
the places, culture and people you drive by just like real tourist guides which you can easily
turn off and back on whenever you want…

Balkan Yacht Adventure BYA

– sailing, culture mix, adventure

The most unique sailing experience on the Adriatic combining 6 days of sailing the crystal clear azure sea and island hopping with three days of exploring the Bosnian cultural and intacted natural gems.

Sail – Exhale – Relax

– A luxurious sailing yacht or a catamaran

– 6 days of sailing and three days of Bosnian adventure

– The theme can always be different but we’re specialized in mixing yoga, hiking or partying. Imagine sailing the crystal azure sea, hike to the most glorious island view points with hundred of Mediterranean islands at the palm of your hand, eating the tastiest food in Europe and wider, meditating in the peaceful beaches and lavender fields while fragrant sea breeze ruffles your hair then rafting the beautiful blue Neretva river through wild canyons and drinking coffee with some Bosnian/Turkish delights on the cobbled paths of multicultural Sarajevo city.

This is what we call – life.

– Greatest, spontaneous and positive people you can meet and the best photos you can take back home

– Skilled skippers who are also tourist guides

– Many, many experiences and adventures you’ll never forget about…

Wine Croatia and the Balkans

– wine, gastronomy, culture

Think of 8 picturesque wine regions of Croatia – from the vineyards washed by the crystal-clear blue sea to the everlasting green fields of the inland. From steep mountains to bubbly little hills with lush green forests – we grew our wine grapes everywhere from ancient times. This is a voyage through a vast gastronomical and cultural plethora of Croatia and wider. Wine is a Balkanian lifestyle.

– Hundreds of wine sorts and renowned wine types to try and enjoy followed by great local food and other strong drinks and music

– An interactive and fun education about the wine, what does It mean for human history, people today and how to serve wine, treat it and combine it with food and which one

– Did you know that the longest wine cellars in the world are in Moldova? Milestii Mici winery. Did you know that every second bottle of wine sold in the USSR came from Moldova mostly from one and only winery – Cricova? Did you know that Herman Goering and the Nazis built a special railway from Germany to Moldova to import millions of tonnes of soil from Moldova to produce the wine with the same quality as in Moldova but have failed? Many more interesting facts you will be learn if you join us on our Balkan wine trips from Slovenia, over Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania do Moldova

– These tours are a hedonistic paradise and if you join us you will stay bedazzled by the nature, culture and life-style we cherish here…

Rijeka and surrounding area tours

– Rijeka, urban industrial culture, incredible history

Welcome to the city that flows. The city that cherishes tradition and modernism. The historical guinea pig for many experiments. The city with a history so peculiar, shocking and untypical that it is just a matter of time when some famous Hollywood producer will grab tightly, hold onto it and film more sequels than the Avengers. The city that rocks.

People from Rijeka say that today their city is world famous for two facts and they’re not proud of either one of them: It’s a birth city of the deadliest maritime weapon in the history – Torpedo, and the worlds’ deadliest governing system in the newer history – fascism. 
With that goes the first Anti-fascist movement in the world as well. But did you know that Rijeka was a part of 11 different states or state-like forms throughout the 20th century and was also an independent and sovereign country? That according to Feng Shui, Rijeka is listed as one of the best places in the world when it comes to energy fluctuations? Or what is the secret alleged relationship between Rijeka and Al Capone?

Digital nomadism Rijeka and Croatia

– workplace? Whole world.

You probably know that Croatia opened its borders and you can apply for a digital nomad visa that lasts for one year. You didn’t?

Well… Check it out…

Ever considered moving to some authentic, unspoiled and cheaper place to live with thousands of hours of the warm sun, crazy good food and local delicacies, intact nature and incredible culture? If yes, welcome to Croatia and may we suggest you settle for a while in Rijeka. In the place where East meets the West and they lavishly compete to see who is better. To see and discover more interesting facts about Rijeka visit our upper IloveRijeka section but have in mind what awaits you if you decide to choose this area to be your home for a while:

Help with the accommodation and some administration, Free peculiar walking tours and introduction to the city in a bit… different ways, some excursions to nearby natural and cultural gems such as observing the sunset over four different countries at the same time, BBQues on the locals’ favourite spots, beer crawls, sailing tours, wine tours etc etc.

We are a community, we help each other, we respect each other.

Cheers and see you in Rijeka!

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